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Monthly Forecast: April 2019

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Astrologer Mrs. Vijay Shri Kaushik


Hello friends,

Here is the forecast for April,2019 for all signs. Spring is finally in the air and sun is beginning to come out of hiding.  A time to come out of hiding and fulfill your goals.


Your sign lord Mars is transiting in earth-sign Taurus this month in the house of assets and family. This is the time to think about consolidating your assets and getting support from family members. Make sure not to use harsh language as this is also the house of speech. Second half of the month is good for taking new initiatives in business field. Financially also you will do well. Some of you may like to for travel .


This month, job situation seems to be improving. Your hardwork and good natured approach will be appreciated. Parents or elderly people in the family may need some attention. Some home related project will require more money. If you have some travel plans, There maybe some delays or some mixups.


This month seems to be more about grasping the opportunities. Friends and family members will be quite helpful. In the second half your bosses will appreciate your candid suggestions. Students will do well. Businessmen will also make profits. If you are looking for loan or mortgage, end of this month month may bring some good news. Health seems to be fine. Siblings will also do well.


This is a good month for financial gains. But stay away from gambling. Transit of Mars into Taurus sign will ensure the gains through hardwork and practical approach. Friends and kids will do well but will show some stubborn attitude so be patient with them. Health needs to be taken care of.


This month job situation is improving steadily but arrogance and hotheaded behaviour may harm you. So be careful. Your signlord, the Sun is going to be very powerful in Aries with very beneficial aspect of Jupiter. Enjoy all the attention . Blessings of elders and spiritual attitude may improve your prospects.


Its a time to rise and shine not only in professional field but also at home front. Expenses will be going up so keep a tight check on your purse. health will be fine but don't let your enemies disturb you. They may try in vain. At home front, try to keep a cool mind. Mother may need some medical help.


This month focus should be on work. Businessmen will do well. If you are looking for some favour from authorities , first half of the month is favourable. Gains through insurance or inheritance can also be possible or if you have loaned out some money and recovery is difficult, trying now may give good results. Health seems to be fine. Family atmosphere may need patience and tolerance.


This month homefront is in focus. You will need a lot of patience and cool logic with a heavy dose of love to deal with your relationship problems. Job and business both areas are flourishing. Friends and family members will be helpful. Kids may need extra attention. Health is fine.


This month your signlord Jupiter is in its own house till 23rd. Try to finish your important projects now. Just be careful of not offending others by harsh words and stubborn attitude. Your truthfulness and caring qualities make you a popular person. Presence of Saturn, the planet for hard work and Ketu-the node of the moon for technical bent of mind in your sign will be helpful in your work. On the other side it may also give negative thinking. So keep positive thinking and enjoy the blessings of your sign lord Jupiter.


This month if you have any travel plans, do careful planning. Check your documents.some delays or obstacles are possible. Change of residence or renovations are possible too. If you have tenants in your property, they may give some tension. Try to put your side mildly and logically. It is not a good time to start a fight. Health seems o.k. At workplace, you will do well.


This month financial situation seems to be improving. Your plans are now taking concrete shape. Business people will reap good benefit in the second half. People in job may have to put in extra efforts. Health and family atmosphere seems fine. Kids and friends will be supporting.


This month your sign lord is sitting in a fiery sign with another fiery planet Ketu. So this is the time to get up and execute your plans. Energy level will be high as Mars, the energy planet is in the initiative sector. Your efforts in the professional field will bring you laurels. Health is good. Domestic scene also seems fine.

This is the general trend for each sign. For specific astrological consultations, call Mrs.Kaushik at 905–456–2525 or check out one of our convenient consultation options

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