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Monthly Forecast: March 2019

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Hello friends,

Beautiful March has arrived. Some significant changes are happening in the planetary positions this month. Both Rahu and Ketu are changing positions. Rahu will be moving to Gemini sign and Ketu is going to join Saturn in Sagittarius sign. Benefice Jupiter will also move to Sagittarius to join Saturn and Ketu towards the end of the month.

Let's find out what this month holds for each planetary sign.


Your sign lord Mars is powerful this month so get up and accomplish what ever you have decided. First half of the month is quite supportive in professional field. Financially also you will do well. Some of you may like to buy a property or any luxury item. Just be careful about your health and avoid any legal issues.


This month, pay some attention for the domestic issues. Business people will find it hard to solve the employee problems in the first half. People in job should also try to avoid confrontation with boss. Money situation is good. Take care of your health. Lower back or abdominal area may give trouble.


First half of the month may bring some health problems for parents. At job front your hardwork will be appreciated and financial situation also looks good. Friends and kids may need some help. So keep your schedule flexible. If thinking of investing some money in property or business, later half of the month will be better. Just read the legal documents carefully before signing.


Your best planet Mars is powerful this month giving you an edge over your opponents. Your workload may increase but your efforts will also be appreciated. Try to avoid arrogant attitude. This will only harm you. For love and relationship this is the time to take practical decisions. Emotions are to be kept in check.


Transit of beneficial Jupiter in your house of property and residence with aspect of Mars suggests that this month, domestic scene will be the focus. You may spend some money for redecoration or improvements of your property. Or buy a new one. One of your kids may need some guidance or have some health issues. Work is routine. Money situation seems to be improving.


Going for a trip this month will refresh your mind and give you a boost for implementing your plans. Business and job both fields seem to be doing good. Take advice of your spouse if you are thinking about lending money or starting a new venture with any relative. Rahu-Ketu axis in 4th and 10th house rings a bell for caution against reckless decisions.


This is a good month for people in real estate, marketing, sales, travel and tourism etc. Travel will be refreshing. Health and financial sectors seem to be good although expenses may be on a higher side. Just be careful for legal matters in any financial transactions, specifically in the first half of the month. Do not be too trusting.


This month you will enjoy with friends and family members. Your energy level will be high. Travel will be beneficial. Some problems at the place of work may come up. Be careful while dealing with authorities. You may have to look for a new job. Donating money for some social cause will bring happiness. Kids will also do well.


This month you will be more engrossed in work. You might be working on many projects simultaneously. It will bring good results as well. Just drive carefully and don't loan out money to anyone. Any new project has to be carefully evaluated before jumping in. Rash or aggressive attitude may make you unpopular.


This is the month to have a tight hold on your purse strings. Money seems to be flowing out. Your kids will be doing good. Try to avoid hot spicy, oily food to protect your health. Temper should also be kept in check for peace in family.


You are a good advisor and this month you will be more in demand for your intellectual qualities. Job and money situation is good and health also seems ok. Some physical exercise will keep you in good spirits.


It is a month for careful financial decisions. On job front more hardwork will be needed. Health seems to be good. Kids will do good in their respective fields. Enjoy.

This is the general trend for each sign. For specific astrological consultations, call Mrs. Kaushik at 905–456–2525 or check out one of our convenient consultation options

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