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Monthly Forecast: February 2019

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Hello friends,

We wish you all a very happy valentines day. May your life be filled with love, laughter, friendship and compassion creating a beautiful world around you.

Let's explore the planetary effect this month for each sign.


Your sign lord Mars is going to be in Pieces and Aries signs this month. You will be full of energy and your expectations will be higher. Financially it is not a bad month though you may be spending money on repair of your car or some improvement in the property. Some of you may be buying a new property or car. If you are in the transport business or working with heavy machinery, just drive carefully and do not do heavy lifting as your lower back may give you some trouble. Sportspersons should also be careful to avoid injury.


This month you will need a lot of patience and skill to overcome the hurdles coming your way. Temper should be kept in check.Venus-Saturn combination in this month suggest that you will be able to overcome your enemies. Work situation will be stressful and demanding still financially you will do well. Family atmosphere seems to be tense in the first half of the month. You may like to go for a long trip. Avoid legal disputes. You may loose the case.


This month financial situation seems to be good. Business will grow and you may be inclined to invest some money. Just be careful to carefully study the legal aspect before signing any contract. 2nd half of the month may bring some health issues.


Month is starting on a happy note with powerful Jupiter aspecting your energetic Mars. New initiatives and new ideas are on the cards. Just don't rush into anything without looking pros and cons specifically in business and relationship matters. Sun- Mercury-Ketu combination may create undue haste and blindsided decisions. Money situation and health seem to be o.k. Friends will be helpful too.


This is the month for keeping temper in control and avoid harsh language. Your energy and initiative will give you good results. Health will be fine. In the 2nd half, you may need a visit to doctor. Chances of getting into legal troubles are also there so before signing any contract or lease agreement, read it carefully. Financial prospects are encouraging.


Saturn's transit into your 4th house this month may create some stress at the home front. The 2nd half of the month may bring some health problems. Money situation will be good. Travel will be zrefreshing and beneficial. Powerful Mars may bring laurels at the work place. Friends will be helpful.


This is a good month for financial success. Artists, HR people, advertising and designing professionals will reap benefits. Your sincere and honest approach will be appreciated. This the time to improve your skills. Some of you may like to join short term courses. Just take care of the family. Kids may show stubborn attitude. Try to understand their point of view.


Businessmen, electricians, networking people will gain this month. Saturn and Mars transit may bring new opportunities from far off places. Health seems good. Family and friends will also be supportive.Travel in the 2nd half will be beneficial. Just don't use harsh words or don't show arrogance.


Financially and professionally it is a good month. Hard work is the key word. You may not get much time to relax. Still try to keep a cool outlook. It will go a long way to maintain peace at home . Health is good. Blessings of elders prove highly beneficial. Expenses are certainly on a higher side. For love and romance 2nd half is better.


This month financial worries and security will be on your mind. Expenses will be on the higher side. Lots of hard work and mixing up socially will increase your reputation. Friends will prove to be an asset. Family atmosphere is also harmonious. Any transaction in real estate will be beneficial.


This month you may get a chance to move up in your professional field or there may be an opportunity to start a new job. Financially it is a good time. Health needs to be taken care of. Advisors, consultants and self employed technical experts need to be careful for any legal complications. Think before saying anything. Health of spouse may not be that good.


Very good time for students and intellectuals. Advisors and people in the field of finance will also reap good results. Only word of caution is the legal troubles if anything fraudulent has happened. Health is looking good. Travel will be refreshing and fun. Enjoy the good time and appreciate the efforts of your spouse.

This is the general trend for each sign. For specific astrological consultations, call Mrs. Kaushik at 905–456–2525 or book your Email Consultation at  www.astrokalyani.com

With regards and good wishes,

Vijay Shri Kaushik (1-905–456–2525 | Astrokalyani@gmail.com)


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